Have a Great Thanksgiving!


Greetings, Rosebank families! I hope you are enjoying the week off. Just a couple of announcements and reminders.

Attendance – Wonderful job on attendance last week! We were at 98%. Let’s keep it up, Panthers!


Cabrillo Trip – We had an awesome time last Wednesday visiting the Cabrillo monument and learning more about Cabrillo’s life as an explorer. Thank you so much to our parent chaperones who stepped up at the last minute: Mr. Castellanos (Giani), Ms. Magana (Adam), Ms. Silvia (Kassandra), Mr. Rodriguez (Alejandra) and his mom Mrs. Rodriguez. We couldn’t have done it without you! Please see our Photos 2016-2017 page for pictures of the trip.

Next Field Trip – Our next trip will be to Indian Hills in Jamul on Feb. 1. We will be learning about geology. The bus cost donation will be approximately $15-$20 since it is a farther place. Please look ahead at your calendar if you are interested in chaperoning. Also, please set aside some money for the cost donation. Thank you!

Thanksgiving Break Homework – Read a chapter book that is worth 2 or more points. Try to read it closer to when we come back so that it is fresh in your mind. If you are not reading chapter books yet, please read 4 or more picture books. Be ready Monday to take your AR test or tests when we return. For math, practice your long division and double digit multiplication so you don’t forget how to do them. You can practice IXL D18 and E8 to 100% mastery. Keep those brains sharp, kiddos!

Happy Thanksgiving, Panthers! I am thankful for all of you. Thank you for all your hard work and support so far this year. You are amazing! See you back at Rosebank on Mon. Nov. 28. ~ Fondly, Mrs. King 🙂



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