GATE Program

School children showing thumbs up.

GATE stands for Gifted And Talented Education. 3rd grade students are tested in the spring of their 3rd grade year to see if they qualify for this program.  Parents are notified within a few weeks, and eligible students begin the GATE program in 4th grade.  Students may be retested in the spring of 4th grade based on parent or teacher request.

At Rosebank, the GATE program is a hybrid model: teachers differentiate instruction for GATE students in the classroom and GATE students participate in a one-hour weekly pull-out program with certified GATE instructor Mrs. Kawamoto.  Last year, lessons were based on Science and Social Studies. Students learned about engineering by designing and building toy-jet cars. They also learned about the legal process and participated in mock trials at school and on a field trip to the 32nd Street Naval Base Courtroom. At the end of the year, fourth graders learned more about the Scientific Process and experiments to prepare for the Science Fair which occurred in May.

This year, GATE may take on a different look with our new Resource Teacher, Mrs. Watson. More info to come soon.

Differentiation in the Classroom

Depending on the type of learner, teachers may differentiate instruction in many ways, by modifying strategies, time, groupings, assignments, questions, projects, and more.

Examples of Differentiation in the Classroom:

  • Students who learn faster than the class may be released earlier to complete their work.
  • Students who finish faster than the class may work on Challenge Activities.
  • Students may be assigned special projects of their own choosing to present to the class.
  • Students may be assigned as leaders of a special group or task.
  • Students may be asked deeper, more probing questions than just basic recall to extend their thinking.
  • Students may be assigned extension activities in specific subjects.
  • Other ideas from student and/or parents to further GATE student’s education are welcome.

There are also GATE Parent Meetings/Workshops held at the District.  Flyers sent home with GATE students prior to meeting date.

If you have any questions about the GATE program at Rosebank, please contact your child’s teacher or the principal.  Thank you!

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