Supply List

school-supply-list-graphic  Printer friendly supply-list-1

We will supply a Homework Planner, folders, and journals for students, among other items.  The Planner and Homework Folder must be brought back and forth to school and home everyday.

Bring to School

Backpack (no rolling please)

2 pencils everyday

1 good pencil sharpener with holder

1 highlighter everyday

1 ballpoint pen everyday

1 small stapler and staples – keep in backpack

lunch bag (if needed – please label)

reusable water bottle (highly recommended – please label)

Earbuds or headphones for computer (labeled)


Keep at Home for Assignments/Projects (Recommended)

pencils (approx. 80 total for the year)

wide-ruled filler paper

crayons, markers, colored pencils

glue bottle

glue sticks



extra pens and highlighters

pencil sharpener (I suggest a sturdy plug-in electric sharpener – Target has a good one)

pencil box to keep all things in

Classroom Donations – Thank you for any you can give, we appreciate it! J

Facial Tissues (white)

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel (big bottles)

White or Pastel Computer Paper


Antibacterial Cleaning Wipes

Pencils, pencils, pencils! (We can never have too many)


Colored post-its

Glue sticks

Other Items You May Need During the Year

computer, laptop, and/or tablet

Internet, printer, printer ink, printer paper

presentation boards for projects

index cards for speeches

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