Photos 2015-2016

Egg Drop Day, April 2016

Cabrillo Field Trip, April 2016

Some California History Projects, March 2016


Symphony, February 2016

Rosebank Speak-Off, February 2016


Congratulations, speakers! Fantastic job!

Reading Buddies with Mr. Cabrera’s 2nd Grade Class, January 2016

Owl Nesting Box Installation Dec 2015 with Mr. Sedivec from theRaptor Institute

20151211_081407_resized 20151211_082237_resized 20151211_083307_resized 20151211_083615_resized

Dental Presentation Dec 2015 from Chapman College students

20151208_092658_resized 20151208_092655_resized 20151208_092651_resized 20151208_092541_resized_1 20151208_092533_resized_1 20151208_090359_resized_1 20151208_090349_resized_1 20151208_090342_resized_1

GATE Family Night Nov 2015 with Mrs. Kawamoto


4th Grade Team on Superhero Spirit Day


Red Carpet Recipients First Semester 2015


Mission Trails Field Trip Sept 2015

20151012_101902_resized 20151012_101909_resized 20151012_101545_resized


chaparral ecosystem

20151012_095915_resized 20151012_095109_resized20151012_111556_resized


Sam, Kumeyaay guest speaker

20151012_103836_resized 20151012_102607_resized

Our Class – August 2015

20150915_093616_resized  20150915_093553_resized

California Dough Maps

20150918_121942_resized 20150914_121851_resized 20150918_122443_resized 20150914_121926_resized 20150918_121933_resized 20150918_122451_resized 20150918_122403_resized 20150918_122248_resized 20150914_121956_resized 20150918_122531_resized 20150918_122318_resized 20150918_121929_resized 20150918_122234_resized 20150914_121921_resized 20150918_122512_resized 20150918_122439_resized 20150918_122504_resized 20150914_121939_resized 20150918_122352_resized 20150914_121908_resized 20150914_121849_resized

Working/Playing in the Classroom on Go Animate

20150904_120857_resized 20150904_120908_resized 20150904_120912_resized 20150904_120920_resized 20150904_120924_resized 20150904_120930_resized

4th Grade Swim Aug 2015

20150819_102610_resized 20150819_102636_resized 20150819_102643_resized 20150821_103457_resized 20150821_103527_resized 20150821_103608_resized 20150821_103633_resized 20150821_103706_resized 20150821_104200_resized 20150821_104217_resized 20150821_110641_resized_1 20150821_110634_resized

20150811_101450_resized 20150812_101513_resized 20150812_101541_resized 20150812_102525_resized 20150812_104042_resized 20150812_104106_resized 20150812_104126_resized

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