Math Resources

th-1Our district math program this year

Go Math Student Practice Book – Homework Pages

Go Math Student Textbook – We use this in class; it has examples and explanations.

Go Math Online – Students can access their online assignments, Personal Math Trainer, progress with their username and password.

Video: Why is Math Different Now

Place Value Chart


Help with Division! Mrs. King’s Division Videos:

Division Standard Algorithmn

Division Number Disks

Division Number Disks with Decomposing

Division Standard Algorithm

Help with Multiplication!

Mrs. King’s Multiplication Videos:

Multiply 2-digit Numbers using Standard Algorithm

Multiply 2-digit Numbers using 2 Partial Products

Multiply 2-digit Numbers using Area Model and Partial Products

Multiply 2-digit Number x Multiple of 10

Multiply Using Area Model 3-digit by 1-digit

Multiply Using Distributive Property

Multiply Using Partial Products with Estimate

Partial Products Method

Standard Algorithm

Printable Multiplication Facts Tables


Video on Rounding Numbers using a Vertical Number Line



This website has loads of videos on Math and Language Arts to help your child.  Create a free account to gain access.

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