Happy Halloween and November!


Greetings, Rosebank families! I hope you had a nice weekend. We had a great Red Ribbon Week last week dressing up and showing our spirit everyday. We also had an awesome time doing our owl pellet dissection. The students really enjoyed learning about raptors and having the birds come to visit. Thank you again for sending your donations!

Costumes – Just a reminder that there are no costumes allowed at school today unfortunately. We are hoping to be able to bring costumes and a carnival back next year! Please join PTA so we can bring these ideas into action!

Compliment Party – Our class has earned 20 compliments and will be having a movie party today. Your child may bring a DVD movie to school that is rated G or PG. We can vote in class on which movie to watch. If we finish reading Island of the Blue Dolphins today, we will watch that one! Congratulations, boys and girls!

Weekend Homework – It was to read AR book(s) 35 minutes or more and write a summary on Reading Log. Also, to get Weekly Report and AR report signed. Remember that these are sent home every Friday. Students should be turning them in signed on Mondays, but I give one day leeway. By Tuesday, all reports should be turned in. Please help your child by asking for the reports from them on Friday or over the weekend. Thank you for being proactive!

AR Reports – Please look closely at your child’s yellow AR report. They should be earning 2.0 points per week and should have earned a total of 8 points since Fall Break. Add your child’s weekly points up. Do they equal 8 or more points? Many students are not making their weekly goal. I need your help! Please encourage and remind your child to read at least 35 minutes every night and over the weekend. They may read more if needed to finish their AR book(s). Please ask them questions about their book so they are ready to take a test the next day. Thank you so much!

Attendance – I forgot to announce that, not last week but the week before, our class had the highest attendance out of the upper grade classes! We won the trophy and a certificate for our classroom. It was a great feeling to be recognized at that Friday assembly. Keep it up, Panthers! Keep coming to school on time when you are not sick. Stay healthy so you won’t miss any learning time.

Thank you for all your hard work at home, parents. Please email me if you have any questions. Have a great week, Panthers! Stay safe tonight on Halloween. ~ Respectfully, Mrs. King šŸ™‚


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