Week 29: Cabrillo Tide Pools Trip Wed.

Greetings, families! It is great to be back in school and busy learning new things!

Cabrillo Trip – this Wed. April 15.  All permission slips and money are due today.  If you haven’t sent them in, please do so immediately.  Your child will need snacks, lunch, and water.  Cabrillo is a no-trash park.  Please make sure your child packs accordingly.  Also, it may get chilly by the coast.  Have your child dress in layers, comfortable clothing and walking shoes.  We can’t wait to see the tide pools!

Parent Chaperones – Please be at school at 8:45 if you are riding or following the bus.  All drivers must show a vehicle pass at the gate; otherwise, entrance fee is $5.  I will send one home with your child if needed or see me if you don’t receive.

Egg Drop Project – We are starting a new project! Students are learning all about the Scientific Method and will be participating in an Egg Drop Experiment on Friday, April 24.  We are in need of donations for supplies (egg drop parent request letter) to construct the project.  Students will work in teams or by themselves to design and construct a container within guidelines that will hold a raw egg safely as it is dropped from a height of 12-15 feet.  Students have chosen teams and are in the research phase this week.  This Friday April 17 they will begin construction.  If you are sending donations, please send them by Friday.  Thank you for any donations you can make!  Students are excited about their next endeavor.

Running – Our class has been running/jogging/speedwalking daily for 10 or so minutes.  Please have students wear appropriate shoes.  Also, they may bring their electronic device and earbuds to use a running app and/or play appropriate music while they run.  Students are beginning to look forward to this activity everyday!

Earbuds or Headphones – We are in the lab everyday learning how to send email, practicing our typing, working on Achieve articles, and preparing for the CAASPP tests.  If students have earbuds or headphones, please have them bring them in for their own personal use at school.  Thank you!

Upcoming Dates

Father-Daughter Dance – Friday April 24 6:30-8:30

Mother-Son Dance – Saturday April 25 6:30-8:30

Zoo Trip – Tuesday April 28. More info to come soon!

Fourth Grade CAASPP Testing – May 4 – 8

4th Grade Science Fair – Friday May 29

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email or call.  Have a fabulous week, Panthers! ~ Mrs. King 🙂



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