Starting Math Module 4 Geometry

Dear Parents, I forgot to add on the last post that we will be starting a new math module, Module 4 Geometry this week for the next few weeks.  We will be learning about lines, shapes, circles, and learning how to use protractors to measure angles for this unit. We have a class set for use at school; however, it would benefit your child to have a small, plastic protractor to use at home for homework.  I included it on the supply list at the beginning of the school year, so if your child has one, great! Here is a printable protractor that I will send home for students who don’t have protractors, and you’re welcome to print it out as well.  If your child doesn’t have one, I highly recommend purchasing one at Target or Walmart; students may be more comfortable (and successful) using a real protractor instead of paper.  Thank you for your help at home! ~ Mrs. King

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