Blooming in 502!


Greetings, Rosebank families! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. We had a great couple of weeks. Friday was our Egg Drop and it was great! We tested our projects and we had a 90% survival rate! Thank you to our custodian, Mr. David, who graciously volunteered to be the dropper from the top of the ladder. Thank you to parents who were able to make it: I saw Ms. Lopez (Conrad), Mrs. Thetsy (Cidnie), and Ms. Miller (Marco). Thanks also to Mrs. Kawamoto our regular substitute who came to support!

PTA Family Dance “Mad Tea Party” – TONIGHT, Sat. April 29 from 5:00-9:00 pm. Doors open 4:00 for photos. Photo booth is shut down at 8:00. $15 per adult (with up to 3 children) gets you dance admission, dinner, one family photo, crafts, game room, and other fun! Other photo packages available for purchase. Don’t be late for this very important date!

CAASPP Testing – begins next week May 1-5. We will focus on Reading/Writing next week. The following week May 8-12 we will focus on Math. Yeahhhh! Panthers are going to rock this test! Here are some general reminders to keep in mind for the next 2 weeks:

  • Please schedule any appointments after May 12. If you absolutely cannot wait, please schedule for later in the afternoon.
  • Please make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep every night.
  • Please have your child eat something small and healthy for breakfast either at home or at school. Breakfast opens at 8:10. Students should not begin testing on an empty stomach!
  • Please remind your child to use the restroom before leaving home or when they first arrive to school. We will also have a bathroom break before we begin.
  • Please make sure your child comes to school everyday ON TIME, unless of course they are sick with fever, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Students who don’t miss any testing days and are on time will be rewarded with a popsicle party at the end of May!
  • Please be aware that student cell phones will be collected and kept locked in a drawer during testing. No electronic devices may be used. Phones will be returned after the day’s testing is complete.
  • Please pack your child a healthy snack and water. Second chance breakfast will NOT be available to us during testing. Students will get a run break before testing and a 15-minute snack break and run at 10:30, in the middle of testing.
  • Please remind your child to take their time, read carefully, do their very best, and check their work. The tests are not timed, so remind your child: QUALITY over speed! Thank you for your support at home, parents. Panthers are ready to rock.

Science Fair Project – Our annual 4th grade Science Fair is coming up May 25th! Students will be assigned a project presentation on an experiment idea of their choice! Information packet to be sent home Monday; please look for it!  This home project is a wonderful opportunity for your child to have some fun quality learning time with parents/family. Your help will be required! Here are some cool websites to get you & your child started & thinking: Science Bob, Bill Nye Science Experiments for Home, Brain Pop Science.

Hanover Survey – Parents, please take a moment to complete the survey about your experiences with our school this year. Thank you for your valuable feedback to help Rosebank and Chula Vista School District improve. Here is the survey link: Parent Hanover Survey

Thanks a million to you, wonderful Rosebank parents, for all the time you take to help your child at home with school stuff. I appreciate you! Have a great week, Panthers! ~ Respectfully yours, Mrs. King 🙂

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