Swim Begins Monday!


Greetings, Rosebank families! First off, I’d like to thank those who made it out to Back to School Night last Thursday. It was great to see so many families out there taking advantage of the taquero, the shaved ice truck, and information booths. I enjoyed meeting those who attended the brief classroom presentation. I look forward to meeting the rest of you who were not able to attend very soon.

Swim – We start swim classes on Monday. I’m so excited! Please have your child wear their bathing suit to school (underneath school clothes if necessary) and apply sunscreen before coming to school. Please have their swim bag ready and separate from their school backpack. Inside their swim bag, they should bring their towel, slippers, underclothes, and a plastic bag for wet stuff. Toiletries and goggles are optional. If your child has not returned their permission slip AND registration waiver, they will not be able to attend. Classes will be held at Parkway Pool at 385 Park Way in Chula Vista if you are able to drop by and watch from the Spectator Area. We will leave school around 9:30 and should arrive at the pool around 9:45 and be leaving to return to Rosebank around 11:00.

Parent Conferences – will be Sept. 8-15. A sign up was available at Back to School Night or you took a letter home to sign up later. I will send the letter home next week to those not in attendance. I will also make the schedule available here soon. Please choose your top three times and either email me at arlene.king@cvesd.org or send the form back. If you need a Spanish translator or separate conferences, please let me know.

Weekend Homework – Read an AR book for 30 minutes and write a summary on the Reading Log (back side). Be ready to take an AR test on Monday. Also, parents need to review and sign the Weekly Report and initial the yellow AR report attached. Please email me with any questions.

AR Report – Please check your child’s yellow AR report to see how they did this week. They should earn 2 or more points every week. Also, please check their average book level. Their average book level should fall within their reading range (located at the top near their name). Next week, book levels start to count!

Achieve Report – On the Weekly Progress Report, I’ve marked how many articles your child has passed out of how many completed this week. They should be passing at least two articles every week this quarter. Passing means they scored 75% or higher on their First Try comprehension on the article. Students work on Achieve at school Mon-Thurs for 45 minutes. If they need more time, they may work on Achieve at home as well. If your child is not passing, you can work with them at home and encourage them to read the article multiple times as well as help them refer back to the article when answering their questions. Keep reading, Panthers! You can do it!

Thank you for all you do at home, parents. The class is getting better and better with their routines! Have a great weekend, Panthers! ~ Warmly, Mrs. King 🙂

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