Happy Memorial Weekend!

Greetings, Rosebank families! I hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend. This Memorial Holiday, we remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice serving our beautiful country.

Our class had the most amazing week last week. On Tuesday, we watched the Soccer Game between the Staff and 6th Graders. Everyone played hard, but congratulations to the Staff. We also extend our sympathies to PAWS art/dance teacher, Mrs. Romo, who was injured during the game. Rehearsals took place all week for our Folk Dance Festival, and Friday was our performance! Even though we were a little nervous, we had a great time dancing in front of our parents and families. After the performance, we had our AR Assembly. Readers who made 60 points or more in AR received prizes such as mechanical pencils, notebooks, and books for reading. Top readers were awarded cool backpacks with even more prizes inside. Congratulations to our very own classmate, Audrey, for racking up the most points in 4th grade this year — over 160 points!

Homework – there is no homework or Weekly Progress Report anymore. Students have worked hard all year, and this is one of our rewards! If there are any pressing individual student issues, I will contact parents by email and please contact me as well.

Returning to Rosebank Next Year Form – If you have not submitted this form, I will send another one home Tuesday. Please complete and return asap. Thank you!

Graduations/Promotions – Please let me know by email or note if your child will be absent for a family member’s special event next week. Thank you to those who have already contacted me about this.

Residency – Please visit the office to submit your proof of residency now. Certain documents are required so your child may be enrolled in a class next year.

Achieve LevelSet – Our class took our last reading test on Tuesday on the computer. I’m proud to say that every student increased in their lexile points! Hard work pays off. Way to go, Panthers! We have much to celebrate!

Next Week’s Festivities

Mon – No school for Memorial Day

Tues – Bring your favorite board game(s) to play. We will watch the Staff vs. 6th grade Softball Game at 2:00. Wear your hat and shades and bring a blanket and snacks if you like.

Wed – Movie and PJ Party Day – Bring your DVD that is rated G or PG and wear your PJ’s! If you have signed up to bring something for the party, I will send a reminder Tuesday. I left the list at school, I apologize. I wrote it on the board and did review it with the students.

Thurs – Sports Day – Not Arts and Crafts Day. Bring your favorite ball to play. Thank you so much for your art supplies donations, but we will not be needing them. I will be out this day for my daughter’s middle school promotion. Ms. Parrot will be the sub. The class will also be watching the 3rd Grade Patriotic Show in the afternoon.

Fri – 4th grade Morning Mixer with Memory Books – Report Cards Day – last day of school

Happy belated birthday to Ava! We will miss her at Rosebank next year.

Thank you, parents, for all the behind-the-scenes help you provide. You being a constant really makes a difference in your child’s school success! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! ~ Mrs. King 🙂


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