Science Fair Wed. Folk Dance Friday!

13233127_1069712193123700_2342131966542603496_nGreetings, Rosebank families! What an awesome week we had last week. The Raptor Institute visited on Thursday, and we did our owl pellet dissections. It was kind of gross but way awesome at the same time! We also got to meet two birds, one was a great horned owl and the other an American kestrel, both of them birds of prey. We learned so much from doing this hands-on activity (instead of reading or watching a video about it) and want to thank the parents for all the donations to make it happen. I will upload more photos to the Photos page in the next couple of days.

We also had our Compliment Party Monday and AR Electronics Party Friday. So much fun to play and hang out with our friends after all our hard work reading and taking tests in AR. Well done, 4th graders!

This week we have our Science projects due on Monday and Tuesday. Your child should know which day is their presentation (half-sheet reminder sent home). The Science Fair will be on Wed. May 25 from 9:00-10:40. Parents are invited to drop by the Multipurpose Room and see all our wonderful projects!

On Friday we will have the 3rd/4th grade Folk Dance Festival from 9:00-10:00. Families are invited to the blacktop to watch our performance. Students should wear blue bottoms and a plain white top. Immediately after, we will also have our AR Awards Assembly. Congratulations to all 4th graders who earned 60 or more points!

On Tuesday 4th graders will be taking their Achieve LevelSet. Your child has been working on Achieve all year, and this is their time to shine! Good luck, Panthers!

On Tuesday, we will also be having the 6th graders vs. Staff Soccer Game at 2:00, a fun annual tradition. Students may bring hats and sunglasses. Families are also invited to attend. Who will you cheer for?

The following week will be the last week of school. Here are the events:

Tues. May 31 – Board Game Day – Students bring their board games to play – 6th Grade vs. Staff Softball Game @ 2:00

Wed. June 1 – Movie and Party Day – sign up for snacks on letter sent home

Thurs. June 2 – Arts/Crafts Day and Sports Day – We will play lots of games outdoors – Mrs. King will be out of the classroom for her daughter’s middle school promotion – Ms. Parrot will be the substitute.

Fri. June 3 – Last day of school! 4th grade Morning Mixer. Report Cards sent home!

Yearbooks will also be distributed the last week of school. If you would like to reserve a copy now, please send $25 to me or school office.

Just a reminder that students making poor choices will miss out on special events. What a sad time to have to sit in the office or a different classroom while the class is having fun. We want all students to celebrate the end of the year with us together. However, we continue to talk DAILY about problems happening in the classroom and on the playground. The main problems are saying bad words or being inappropriate, touching others or invading personal space, roughness, teasing/taunting about boyfriend/girlfriend. Please speak with your child specifically about these issues and remind them to showcase their Core Values EVERYDAY and to THINK before they act or speak.

Parents, thank you for all you do everyday for your child. You are my heroes! Please contact me if you have any concerns or questions. Have a terrific week, Panthers! ~ Mrs. King 🙂

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