Happy Presidents’ Weekend!


Greetings, Rosebank families! I hope you are enjoying the 4-day holiday. Thank you so very much for all the cards, treats, and gifts on Thursday for Valentine’s Day! We had a nice little card exchange. Students were happy to give and receive from their friends.

Jump Rope for Heart – will be tomorrow Tues. Feb. 16 during recess. Please have your child dress in comfortable clothing for jumping. Let’s get those hearts pumping, Panthers!

Student-Led Conferences – Please sign up for a conference for next month on the yellow paper sent home. Days will be Thurs. March 10, Fri. March 11, and Mon. March 14. These will be student-led conferences. Your child is required to be there and lead the conference. The times are every 10 minutes beginning at 1:50 until 3:20. It is common for a few conferences to be happening in the same room at the same time. I’m so looking forward to Student-Led Conferences!

California History Project – A timeline/calendar and information was sent home last week. Your child has now been assigned their topic. Please sign the Acknowledgment Letter (white half-sheet) and have your child return it tomorrow Tues. Feb. 16. The research stage is from now until Mon. Feb. 22. Your child should research their topic online with your help or with books from the library to answer the questions on their colored Project Information Sheet. The Project Information Sheet is due Mon. Feb. 22. Thank you for all your help at home. These projects really help students build their knowledge about California and their confidence in the classroom. Here is the file in case you need the papers again: CA history project2-1

Symphony Field Trip – will be this Thurs. Feb. 18. Please have your child pack a snack, lunch, and water. Students should also dress nicely for the symphony. Please go over the rules of staying with the group, following teacher’s directions, walking/not running, keeping hands to self, and being respectful of others around them during the performance. We are excited to go!

GATE Courtroom Field Trip – GATE students will go on a field trip to the 32nd St. Naval Base Courtroom as part of their learning about trials. Please return permission slip and $5 bus cost donation as soon as possible this week. The deadline is this Friday, Feb. 19.

Happy early birthday to Lucia 2/18! Wish her luck as she advances on to the semi-finals at the district speech contest this week. Here she is along with all the other speakers at last Wednesday’s Rosebank Speak-Off. My daughter was one of them as well.  Congratulations to all contestants and semi-finalists Lucia (4th), Hugo (5th) and Miguel (6th)! They all did a fantastic job!


Thank you parents for everything you do to care for your child and ensure they have the best opportunities for success in school. Please let me know if you have any questions or how I might help. Have a great week! ~ Mrs. King 🙂



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