Two Short Weeks Ahead

Greetings, Rosebank families! How are you? I hope you are having a nice weekend so far!

Speeches – I’m very proud that students stood at the podium and gave their speeches this past week. That topic was tough, and most speeches given were less than the required 3 minutes, but I’m glad to see the students gave it their best. Panthers rock! Lucia has been chosen as our class speaker. Her speech was great and the only one that reached 3 minutes. Congratulations, Lucia! She will compete against the other two 4th grade speakers at Wednesday’s Speak-Off. Thank you to all parents for your help at home. It’s so important that you took the time to listen to your child’s speech and give feedback to help them. Students who did not give their speeches are still required to complete the assignment next week.

Weekend Homework – AR Reading 40 min and Reading Log. Get Weekly Progress Report and AR report signed and brought back Mon.  Students who haven’t given speeches and Book Jackets, you need to be ready with your note cards and Book Jackets on Monday! You can do it, Panthers!

Friendship Card Exchange – Students who would like to exchange Valentine’s Day cards may do so at the end of the day Thurs. Feb. 11. If you give one card, you must give to all students in class. A list (light pink paper) has been provided and sent home Friday. I also included teachers and staff members if your child would like to give them one as well. Happy Friends Day!

Presidents’ Weekend – Friday Feb. 12 and Monday Feb. 15 are Presidents’ Holidays. There will be no school those days. School will resume Tuesday Feb. 16.

Symphony Trip – will be Thurs. Feb. 18. Many students have already turned in their permission slips and money (thank you!). I will send an email reminder and extra permission slips home next week to students who have not turned it in. The deadline for permission slips and $5 cost donation is this Wednesday Feb. 10.

Student-Led Parent Conferences – coming in March! March 10-17, but I will be out of town for a teacher conference, so I will schedule conferences for March 10-15 only. I’m so excited about student-led conferences. You will love it! Students will be leading their own conference and going over their progress and work with you. A sign-up will be sent home this week on brightly colored paper. It is common for a few conferences to be going on at the same time in the same room. Please look for the sign-up letter and return it or email me with three possible choices for day/time. Just like in the fall, I will post the schedule on the blog. Thank you in advance for being prompt with your response!

Social Studies Project – Our next big project is coming up… I’m so excited! The information packet will be sent home and the first part of the assignment which will be to choose a topic, will be due Thursday. Please look at the topics list with your child this coming week and have him/her select one or two choices they would be interested to research, two just in case another student chooses the same. Students will be given some time in class to work on their project, but most of the time will be spent at home. The classroom will be open before school and at recesses (unless I have duty) for students to work on their projects.

Typo – I apologize for misspelling Ryleigh’s name on last week’s post. I have updated it now!

Happy birthday to Omar today! Also, enjoy the Superbowl to those watching tomorrow.  Please email me if you have any questions. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Panthers! Happy Chinese New Year on Monday! ~ Respectfully, Mrs. King 🙂


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