Speech Contest Coming Soon!


Greetings, Rosebank families! I hope you are taking time out of your weekend to be together. The class is doing wonderfully and continues to work hard. Last week we learned a lot about earthquakes and volcanoes. We read in our science books, took notes, watched videos, learned new vocabulary, wrote a narrative, and more! In math, students are practicing converting fractions to decimals and vice versa. Our test is coming up Tuesday, and I know they will do their best. Just some announcements for this upcoming week…

Speech Contest Homework – Information was sent home at the beginning of the week last week regarding the annual Speech Contest for upper graders. The purpose of this homework is to practice our research skills, writing, and speaking skills. 4th graders will prepare a 3-5 minute speech on this topic: CVESD (Chula Vista Elementary School District) has allocated millions of dollars to increase access to art, music, dance, and physical education for students. What benefits or challenges have you experienced from these programs? If you could select additional opportunities for your school, what would you choose? Why? 

Students will be given resources and some time in class to work on their speech. However, most of the work to prepare will be done at home. Remember that students may receive help and guidance, but the work must be their own. 4th graders will turn in their final draft and give their speech to the class on Thurs. Feb. 4. One student from each class will be selected to give their speech to the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classes the following week. One speaker from each grade level 4-6 will be selected to present their speech at the district-wide speech contest in late February. Please let me know if you have any questions or need more resources.

Here is the link to the 2015-16 district Speech Contest.

Here is a link to a past district Speech Contest. Videos at the bottom, plug-ins required.

Here are three links to why the arts are important in education (use some of this information in your speech):

The Importance of Art in Children’s Development

How the Arts Can Help Struggling Learners

Learning Through the Arts

Students and parents can do their own research by typing key words into search engines: arts in education, how the arts help children learn, and so on.

Weekend Homework – Read 40 minutes (no Reading Log), be ready to take an AR test when you return Monday; Complete Speech Contest Guiding Questions (pink paper); Complete and submit Math Ch. 9 Practice Test on Think Central website. Parents, please sign Weekly Progress Report and don’t forget to initial yellow AR Report in the very back.

Symphony Trip – Feb. 18. Thank you to those who have returned permission slips and $5 trip donation. The deadline is still a ways away, Feb. 10. Please do not send coins or checks. Thank you!

Parent Volunteers – I just wanted to recognize Mrs. Stark (Ariana’s mom) for volunteering on Fridays to read with a few students. She has been doing that for three weeks now, and it’s just so valuable for students to have that one-on-one reading time. I also wanted to recognize Ms. Korneman (Jiimar’s mom) who volunteered last Tuesday, helping in the classroom with grading, filing, making copies, etc. The class and I really appreciate any extra help at any time. If you are interested in volunteering in our class, please email me.

Classroom Supplies Donation – Aaahhhh!!! We are out of hand sanitizer gel!!! If you have a chance to pick some up, we sure could use more, especially in this cold and flu season! Thank you in advance for your donations. 🙂

A belated birthday shout-out to Nayetzy and Agustin for birthdays during Winter Break!  Also, a farewell to Valeria and a very belated welcome to Jocelyn. Thank you parents for all you do. Have a fantastic week ahead, Panthers! ~ Mrs. King 🙂






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