Happy Thanksgiving!


Greetings, Rosebank families! I hope you are able to spend some quality family time during this school break. Please remember that there is no school this week, Nov. 23-27. School will resume Mon. Nov. 30.

Yellow Federal Survey Paper – Thank you for turning these in quickly. If you still haven’t turned it in, please do so when we return. Thank you!

Canned Food Drive – Thank you for your donations! Our school collected over 900 cans for the needy the past few weeks. What an awesome feeling to give to others.

Thanksgiving Break Homework Packet – Digital Homework is 2 Achieve articles at 75% or higher First Try, Personal Math Trainer 13.4, and Math Ch. 13 Practice Test, both accessible on the Think Central website. The paper homework includes Reading Log, a math page and Book Jacket Report. If your child is not able to access the Math Think Central website, they should work on their Ch. 13 practice test on paper. Here is the link to the math textbook if you need to print out the pages 519-522. Use the arrows on the bottom or type in the search button: http://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/math/hspmath/go_math_2012/na/gr4/se_9780547587868_/launch.html

Stay sharp with your reading and math skills, Panthers! Parents, please email me if you or your child have any questions with the assignments.

Book Jacket Report – Our first major home project in 4th grade! Some students are working on the full project, which is due Dec. 17. A full book jacket report includes a front cover, summary, opinion essay, and symbols. I broke the project down for a few students, who are only working on the Summary part of the project for now, which is due Nov. 30 when we return. Please take a look at your child’s papers to see which one they have been assigned, and please email me if you have any questions. I also sent home a sample of a full book jacket report and a sample of just the summary part. Here is one sample of a handwritten/hand-drawn book jacket report.

Here is a typed sample in PDF form:

The Lightning Thief Book Jacket Example

Here are the Book Jacket Report (full) instructions:

Fall 2015 Book Jacket Project instructions

Again, please email me with any questions you or your child have. I’m looking forward to these projects!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Panthers! Be thankful for all you have, as I am thankful for all of you. ~ Mrs. King 🙂




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