Week 9: Conferences Continue!

Greetings, Rosebank families! I hope everyone is keeping cool in this crazy heat!

Conferences/Minimum Days – continue this week. Thank you to those who came for our first round.  I enjoyed meeting all of you and sharing your child’s progress. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of you this week! Please check our Conference Schedule and make sure that you are still able to attend. If not or if you missed your conference last week, please contact me right away so we can reschedule. Call school at 422-8329 ext 696372 or email me at arlene.king@cvesd.org.

California Dough Maps – We will be starting these tomorrow! Please help your child prepare the dough and bring it in a little baggy for school tomorrow.  The instructions are on the first page here. If you can make extra dough bags for other children, we would definitely appreciate it. Thank you so much for your help at home! We love learning about our Golden State!

PG Movie – We are almost done reading our classroom novel The Lightning Thief and will be watching the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief this Friday! Hooray! This movie is rated PG. Some parents have already sent me consent for PG movies at the beginning of the year.  I will send another one home this week to those missing. If you know you do not want your child to watch this movie, please email me at arlene.king@cvesd.org and I will provide an alternate activity. Thank you!

AR/Electronics Party – Most of the class enjoyed the AR/Electronics Party last Friday! Congratulations again to students who’ve met their goal. If your child hasn’t met it, we will set new goals for next quarter.  Please encourage them everyday!

AR Reminders – The minutes for reading will bump up to 30 next quarter. Students should be reading their AR book at their level every night and writing it on the reading log. Students should take a test everyday (4 tests a week or 2 points). Students who are not able to commit to reading longer chapter books MUST read shorter picture books at their level to take tests and earn points. If your child is struggling with their reading, consider setting a read-together time. It will start off as a chore, but with time, may become a great bonding time between the both of you, as well as help your child develop a love of reading and better reading skills. Reading is the key!

Achieve3000 – This is the program to build reading skills in informational text. Students should be completing 2 Activities and 1 Thought Question per week. I haven’t been holding students too accountable yet so that they can develop a routine and rhythm. However, after Fall Break, students will be responsible for this for classwork/homework by Friday each week.  They will be given time in class everyday, but can also work on it at home. Hooray for nonfiction!

Think Central/Go Math – I’ve been showing parents this website during conferences. This is our Math program website, where we practice some of what we learn in class and also where we take our chapter tests. Students can login (they know their info) and have access to their math assignments, their scores, and math resources related to this program. Ask your child to show you! Let me know if you have any questions. Math is awesome!

Multiplication Videos – If your child is having trouble with the double-digit multiplication, please see Math Resources page and scroll down for videos on multiplication.  We have learned the Area Model, Partial Products, and are now practicing the Standard Algorithm (regular way). Let me know if you can’t find it.

Go Animate – We use this website for our creative block on Fridays. Students have been having a blast making their videos! Right now, it’s all for fun and exploring. Soon we will be doing video projects connected to our learning in class. So much fun!

Fall Break – will be Sept. 21-Oct. 5. I will send home some pages for reading and math practice. School resumes Tues. Oct. 6 which will be a Minimum Day.  Hang in there 5 more days, Panthers!

Recycling – Please bring your recyclable water bottles to PTA Room 808 every Friday.

Photos – Please see our page for updated photos of the class!

Happy belated birthday to Miguel 9/2! Happy birthday to Esmeralda 9/16!

Have a terrific week, Panthers! Stay cool and hydrated. ~ Mrs. King 🙂

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