Week 20: Happy February!

Greetings, families! I hope you are enjoying your Sunday. Just a few announcements…

Speech Homework – Speech drafts are due tomorrow Mon. 2/2.  Students should have an intro, body, and conclusion. Don’t forget to initial your child’s checklist. In case you need it, here is the Speech Outline.
I will take a look and return drafts with suggestions, so that students may complete the next step to revise/edit, write their final speech on note cards, and practice their speech multiple times.  Final Speech is due Wed. Feb. 11.

Weekly Progress/AR reports – were sent home Friday.  Our new class goal is 36 points for 3rd quarter.  Students may pencil in a new goal if they have already exceeded or are close to 36 points.  A suggested goal is to add 12 points to their current points earned (on AR pink sheet).  Keep reading, reading, reading! Reading is the key to success in school and life.

Homefun Passes for Achieve – Students who passed 2 or more Achieve articles last week received a yellow Homefun Pass.  Each pass may be used for one math, spelling, or reading log assignment.  Excludes reading minutes, writing, and speech.  Please have your child write the assignment name on the back and give to me when ready to use the pass.

Math – We will be taking our End of Module Test on Thursday and Friday on geometry.  Please help your child study the review sheet which will come home Monday or Tuesday.  The test will cover vocabulary for lines, circles, angles, measuring angles, and adding angle measurements.  If your child has problems on their regular math homework and/or the review sheet, please encourage them to ask questions in class and/or come in at recess for extra help.

Multiplication Retest – will be sent home Monday for students who took the retest Friday.  Congratulations to many students who’ve worked hard on double-digit multiplication last week and passed their retest!  If your child did not pass, please continue to have them practice as often as you can at home.  Our quiz this coming Friday will be a mix of multiplication with single- and double-digit problems.

Writing – We will be writing a personal memoir this week and next week.  The prompt is “Think of something you’ve done that brought you satisfaction, pleasure, or a sense of accomplishment.  Tell a story about this activity or event.”  Students may have an assignment this week pertaining to this prompt.

Upcoming Events

Wed. Feb. 11 – In-class speeches

Thurs. Feb. 12 – Gold Rush Day; Jump for Heart; Friendship Card Exchange (more info later this week)

Weekend Feb. 13-16 Presidents’ Weekend ~ No school Friday the 13th and Monday the 16th.

Wed. Feb. 18 Rosebank Speak-Off ~ grades 4, 5, 6

Thank you for all you do at home! Please let me know if you have any questions. Don’t forget to cheer our soccer team on against Otay Falcons Blue this Thursday 4:00 on our field.  Have an excellent week! ~ Mrs. King 🙂

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