Week 14: Working Hard and Counting Down to Winter Break


Greetings, 502 families! I hope this post finds all of you in good health and spirits.  Just some announcements and reminders for the upcoming week…

Math Drills – Thank you for signing and returning these daily.  This past week you should have received 3’s, 4’s, a review of 0’s-4’s, 6’s, and 7’s.  If your child is not scoring 80% and above, please, please, please have them go on www.IXL.com to practice their facts.  Login=student ID number, password=first initial, last initial, birthdate (XXXXXXXX) or first initial, last initial, student ID number again.  Click on 3rd grade, scroll down to F and click on the facts they need. 10 or more minutes daily is good practice! Thank you for making math facts a priority for your child to learn!

Weekly Progress Reports – Remember to sign the Weekly Progress report as well as the pink AR report attached every Friday.  Many students are doing awesome and are well above the 24 points needed for the quarter, which ends Jan. 23.  If your child is not on track, remember that they need to pass at least 4 tests OR 2 points every week.  Please encourage responsibility, hard work, and goal-setting by speaking with your child, giving encouragement, reminders, and incentives if necessary.  Let’s work together to help your child improve their AR.

Class Party! – We will be having a Winter Potluck Party on Thurs. Dec. 18 with our Reading Buddies in Mr. Cabrera’s class.  Please see letter coming home this week to sign-up for food/supplies.  Thank you for anything you can donate!

Epic Fun Run – It’s almost here! All pledge envelopes are due Fri. Dec. 12.  Thank you for supporting the school PTA. The event will occur on Fri. Dec. 19.  Come out and see how Panthers attack the obstacle course!

Reader’s Theatre – We have been working hard reading our scripts during Guided Reading and are so excited for the opportunity to perform!  Please attend our performances on Wed. Dec. 18 at 2:00 p.m.  It will take about an hour to watch our three awesome plays.  Hope you can make it!

This coming week we will be taking the Achieve Level Set test.  Please help your child prepare by working on Achieve at least 20 minutes at home every night.  Only a handful of students are doing this consistently.  Please remind your child this is part of their nightly homework and will boost their reading comprehension greatly.  Let’s have 100% Achieve participation!

Winter Break – will be Dec. 22-Jan. 5.  Students return Tuesday Jan. 6, which will be a regular day. Countdown: 10 more school days till break!

Thank you, parents, for all your help at home.  You do so much… Hope you all have a terrific week, Panthers! ~ Mrs. King 🙂

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