Week 9: Red Ribbon Week and Conferences Begin Thursday


Hello again, Panthers! This upcoming week is Red Ribbon Week. Read more about the history of this important campaign here. Show your spirit and pledge a drug-free life by following Rosebank’s Red Ribbon Week Schedule of events:
Mon – Wear red ribbon (provided)

Tues – Backwards T-shirt Day

Wed – Mixed-Match Shoes Day

Thurs – Shades Day

Fri – Red Shirt Day

Mustache Party – I “mustache” you a question: Do you own a stache? Our class will be having a little mustache party in the classroom this Friday Oct. 31. Wear your own or one will be provided for you!

Conferences begin this Thursday with 1:45 minimum day schedule.  Please check the Conference Schedule by clicking here and call me right away at 422-8329 ext. 696372 if you will not be able to make it, so that we can reschedule.  Also, please have your child join us in the conference.  We’ll go over their report card and beginning of the year test results. See you very soon!

Congratulations to these readers for reaching this quarter’s AR 10-point goal already: Alyssa Marie, David, Celeste, Raquel, Alan, Dahalia, Brian, Emma, Elly, Christian.  There’s still ten school days left before the Nov. 7 AR Electronics Party for the rest of the class to join us! Keep reading, taking AR tests, and persevere!

California dough map – We will be making maps of our great Golden State made out of dough.  It’s a 3-day project that I would like to start next Monday 11/3.  Please help your child make the dough to bring to school that day in a plastic baggy (I will send instructions home Mon but here are online instructions).  We will form and paint the map at school.

Bird Island Video Letter – I’ll be showing the Bird Island Youtube video during science on Friday.  Please sign and return the pink letter sent home last week regarding your permission.  Here is a printable copy in case you’ve misplaced it. Thank you! bird island letter

Next Field Trip – Our next field trip will be to the Living Coast Discovery Center on Nov. 20.  More information to come!

November Scholastic Book Orders – sent home Friday.  Due Mon. Nov. 10. Students also received a $5 off/Free Book coupon to use if they spend $10 or more.  The Percy Jackson and the Olympians 5-book boxed set is available for $22.  We will be finishing Book One in the next couple of weeks, and since the class is enjoying so much, I encourage them to read the series! Order online here with code LHK22.

Achieve Homefun – has been going well. 9 students have been working on it outside of school this week.  Please have your child go on for at least 20 minutes. For every 12 articles completed at 75% or better on first try, students receive a prize! We’ll go over your child’s Achieve progress at the Conference as well.

This week we will be taking our first Writing Performance Assessment on Tues and Wed. Encourage your child to do their best informative/explanatory writing.  We will also have an Anti-Bully Assembly and Epic Fun Run assembly.  School is a happening place! Have a terrific week, Rosebank friends! ~ Mrs. King 🙂

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