Week 6: 4th Grade Swim Begins

Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Greetings, families! This week we begin Swim Lessons at Parkway Pool.  We will leave school around 9:45, have our swim lesson from 10:00-10:40 and return around 11:00 Mon-Fri for the next two weeks.  So exciting!  Parents are welcome to attend and watch from the Spectator Area. Monday we also have PAWS rotations in the afternoon.  It will be such a fun day!

Friday I sent home your child’s Weekly Progress Report with AR reports.  The pink half-sheet is a weekly update on your child’s points. Remember that they are striving to reach 10 points this quarter to be able to attend the AR Electronics Party on Fri. Nov. 7. Let’s encourage them to read, read, read!  I also sent home your child’s AR reading level range (full white sheet) attached in the back.  Please sign to indicate you’ve received it.

I did not, however, send home the Math Mid-Module Test.  That will come home Monday so that your child may study for our End of Module test which will be given on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please sign and return the mid-module test and help your child study the ones they missed.  Thank you for your help at home!

September Book Orders are now in. We had 5 students order. Hooray! 🙂

October Scholastic Book Orders were sent home Fri. They are due back by Oct. 13. Send completed order form with exact cash or check payable to Scholastic, or you may order online here with code LHK22. A great and mostly inexpensive way to get your child reading!

Many parents have sent in the Conference sign-up paper.  I’ve updated the schedule online, take a look.  If you haven’t signed up or need to reschedule for any reason, please contact me at arlene.king@cvesd.org.

Reading Log Change – Starting Monday, students will now be required to read 30 minutes every night for the rest of the quarter (until Nov. 7). If your child is having trouble maintaining reading stamina, it’s okay to break into two 15-minute blocks if that helps.

Congratulations to Jayson who has a new baby sister and Aliza who has a new baby brother! Happy birthday to Alyssa 10/6 and belated birthday shout-out to Janelle (9/25)! Condolences to David’s family on the passing of his grandmother.

Have a fantastic week, Panther peeps! ~ Mrs. King 🙂


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