Week 2: Great Being Back!

welcome tunnel

Welcome! Thank you for signing up to follow our classroom blog.  If you haven’t yet, just click the Follow button to the right and enter your email address.  I hope we will have more followers soon! Thank you also to those who sent me an email, so that I may add you to my contact list.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the blog and check out the Menu items above.  For those of you new blog followers, you will receive email notification of what I post on this Home page.  If I post on other pages such as Homework, it will not send you an email update; you will just have to click on that menu link at the top.  So please check back often for updated items!

So far, the first two days of school have been just wonderful.  I’m enjoying getting to know the students very much.  They are a super-sweet bunch!

Thank you for returning completed school forms promptly.  I sent my own classroom forms Friday, such as Discipline Policy, Homework Policy, etc.  Please return all forms Monday or as soon as possible.

This week, we will continue getting to know one another, building classroom community, and practicing our classroom routines and procedures.  We will also begin working in our curriculum areas: Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, PE.

Just a reminder: Please leave toys such as Pokemon cards and Kendama at home to minimize distractions and possible problems.  However, they may bring them for Fun Friday time.  Students may also bring playground balls (labeled) from home, such as soccer balls, to play at recess.  Thank you again for your support.

I will be out Wednesday for Math training at the district. Rosebank regular Mr. B will be my substitute. I know that the class will showcase their Core Values!

Let’s have a great week, Panthers! ~ Mrs. King 🙂


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